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Like my childhood home this project was named after, I hope listeners like you find a home in what you hear.  

I'm Joey, and I write, sing, and produce these songs.  Each song starts with a feeling, myself, and a guitar.  From there I work to communicate something that will touch you, the listener.  I try to remain honest in how I record the final versions, letting the imperfections show the emotion.  The countless talented players i bring in do the same.  I rely on an incredible team of session players, friends, family, and fellow artists/creatives that help and support me in what I do.  Check out my social media to find some of the other talented people I'm lucky enough to have in my community. 

I also rely on the folks like you, that are curious enough about my music to find out more.  Im grateful for all of you. I'm an imperfect human, doing my best to reflect who I am within my favorite medium for reaching others.  Welcome to my community <3  

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